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I almost forgot my briefcase!

it contains important lab results


Latest positive news out of Ferguson. Community coming together.


do you ever just realise you’re almost an adult and you have no money 

“1 out of 812 applicants tested positive for drugs.”

Tennessee’s plan to prove everyone on welfare is addicted to drugs just blew up in their face  (via micdotcom)
Who are you getting your Ferguson information from? I'm having problems verifying what's actually happening!



That’s actually what’s taking me so long to update some of my posts; not only is the information surfacing slowly about his case specifically, but I make sure to cross reference at least three sources because some people are just blatantly lying to stir shit up.

Also live feeds keep going down and new ones pop back up but I know some of you are sensitive to video, so

Here’s a list of some twitter handles:

Journalists (All of these are either on the ground in Ferguson as I type this or actively covering events in Ferguson, both Brown’s case and the rallies):


Instagram Accounts: (TW: Some of these accounts feature graphic video or images of Ferguson events)

Tumblr Accounts:

I’m sure I forgot a bunch but here’s a start. I’ll update it periodically and reblog. Some of it is compilations from a bunch of sources, some is original content. Disclaimer: I’m not vouching for any other content on any of these blogs/twitters/instagrams or any that may be posted after this list but as of right now, the information regarding Ferguson and discussions taking place about the rallies/police and Mike Brown’s death seems accurate.

if you want to be included on any of these lists, shoot me a message with your web-address and I’ll check it out

You will find everything I’ve posted under tagged/ferguson, tagged/police-brutality or tagged/michael-brown

updated and combined.


Love “Da Man Wit the Chips” but Jameila White is the new “Protest MVP.” #staywoke #trill 


Going on right now in Ferguson: Police are raiding a church that has been stocked with medical supplies, food, and tear gas recovery kits for community members engaging in protests. This cannot be allowed to continue.

Stand up, speak out. 



US Constitution, First Amendment: The right to assemble, to have free speech, to have freedom of the press.

Ferguson Police: Kicks out media and limits protestors to a “First Amendment Area”image

funny, i thought the WHOLE COUNTRY was a first amendment area. silly me. 


For those who are interested, here’s the firsthand account from the Amnesty observers’ team, who are still in Ferguson, of what they experienced last night. You can also find some of the personal Twitters of the team members on that page.

If you’re just catching up, this is Amnesty USA’s press release from when they first dispatched observers (their own link is broken) and a more personal blog post from a member of the delegation.

"I hadn’t carved out my spot, and people hadn’t gotten used to me yet. It was really fucking hard. I didn’t interview well. I was really nervous. People fucking didn’t respond that well."

Kristen Stewart on sudden fame in ELLE Magazine (September 2014)


A completely incompetent police force in action. Unrest in Ferguson, Part 3

[part 1] [part 2]

Amnesty International workers (photos via Kalaya’an Mendoza’s instagram - one of the workers involved) aside from providing masks, ear plugs, and liquid antacid water for tear gas victims, also spent time with the people of ferguson and community organizers doing a deescalation training and nonviolent direct action training session that I’m assuming was to assist protesters in how to respond to certain situations (a lot of this is roleplayed):

(you can also see more community organizing going on here)

A lot of the methods people have been using to keep protests peaceful and non-violent haven’t been shown on television. The primary and majority of the violence and chaos is from the side of the police, while it seems like the community is doing everything in its power to protest peacefully

The Racism Of The US Criminal Justice System In 10 Charts